by Robert Book
American Action Forum
April 14, 2014
As Tax Day approaches it is worth looking at some of the new taxes being levied on Americans this year through their health insurance premiums as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 2014 is the first year that people will see their premium totals rise significantly due to the ACA’s many taxes. People who enrolled on the exchanges will face seven new taxes in 2014 that on average total $354 per person annually. For others with an employer sponsored insurance (ESI) plan, the charges will be less this year at $196, and for people that have self-insured ESI plans the additional charges will be a total of $94. A list and explanation for all of the ACA’s new taxes can be found below. Figures in the table are on a per-person basis; for family coverage simply multiply by the number of covered family members.

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