by Karl Zinsmeister
Philanthropy Roundtable
April 16, 2014
Today, there are 6,500 charter schools operating in 42 states, with more than 600 new ones opening every year. By the end of the decade, there will be 5 million American children attending these freshly invented institutions. It is philanthropy that has made all of this possible, providing the support for establishment and multiplication of charters. And philanthropists have driven relentless improvements—better trained school founders, more prepared teachers, sharper curricula, smarter technology. Studies show that student performance in charter schools is accelerating every year, as high-performing models replace weaker ones. Charter schooling may be the most important social innovation of our age, and philanthropists anxious to improve America have more opportunities to make a difference through charter schools than in almost any other way. This book provides the facts, examples, cautionaries, inspiration, research, and practical experience to equip them to do so.

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